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Drakos Ch 9

Chapter 9 

Sabra Yawns as the sun is barely peeking through their bedroom window. She looks over to see Aaron still fast asleep and She gets up without disturbing him and changes into her training clothes. she sneaks out the door to let Aaron sleep and walks towards training room 1 to do some morning training. on the way, she notices Bella walking down the hall in her training gear as well.  

"Hey Bella. Good morning." Sabra calls out as she runs up to her. 

"oh Hello. you're Aaron's mate right?" Bella replies in a questioning tone. 

"Yes I am. Sabra is the name." Sabra replied. 

"Nice to officially meet you. Are you going to do some training as well?" Bella asked, smiling back at Sabra. 

"Yes. Figured I get a little training in before breakfast." Sabra said, opening the door to training room 1.  

"Would you mind if I brushed up on some of my fighting skills with you Sabra? I brought my blades." Bella asked. 

"Sure. I brought mine as well." Sabra replied. 

They both set down their gear by the door and take their knives out. Sabra instructs Bella to put her knives on the ground and a training shield goes around them to keep them from injuring one another.  They both pick up their blades and take battle stances. Bella rushes in, swinging one of her blades at Sabra's  neck. Sabra brings up her blade and parries Bella's blade. they exchange blows for several minutes, neither one gaining ground on the other.  

"Alright. now for elemental training. focus the power of your element into your blades and coat your blade with that energy." Sabra explained as her blades began to glow ice blue. 

Bella's blades began to glow green, the color of Earth as she closed her eyes and focused like she was told. as they began to clash again, there was a resounding spark sound as the two energies clashed.  

"Computer, start training program Sabra 1." Sabra yelled as a resounding computer bleep sounded and several holographic Quetar appeared.  

"Let's see your fighting skills against one type of every kind of lower level Quetar." Sabra explained holding her knives. 

"ok. bring it on!" Bella cried as the holographic Lupe rushed her. Bella leaped out of the way of its charge and threw her blade at its head, the computer marking the hit as a kill and the hologram vanished.  

Sabra dove out of the way of an ungues who swiped downward at her, rolling away. the ungues rushed her again, but she ran and slid right under it, slicing its legs to stun it and then slammed her blade in the creature's leg and used it as leverage to swing around and slam her other blade into the stomach. the hologram disappeared.  

the last one standing was the Boulder. 

"Bella we have to fight together to stop this one. if you are hit by its fists, it will shatter every bone in your body except those of 100 % earth drakos. I will distract it and draw its attention away from you and that is when you strike it ok?" Sabra explained as the boulder class ran at them. 

Bella nodded as Sabra leaped into the air, getting the boulder to follow her. as the Boulder was chasing her, Sabra saw Bella leap into the air and land both her blades in its back, killing it. the simulation ended itself. 

"Score of 100%! Sabra Nightbringer!" the computer exclaimed as it finished closing the program. 

"Nice fight Bella.  you got some skills." Sabra exclaimed as she wiped the sweat from her forehead.  

"So do you Mrs. Sabra!" Bella spoke in a relaxed tone.  

Aaron tossed around in his bed, apparently having a bad dream. Aaron saw a sinister presence in his presence and saw his mother and father lying in a pool of blood. Aaron then saw the face of the sinister presence and then the dream ended and Aaron jumped out of bed, his arms dragonified. 

"Hello? is everything alright  Sir?" the guard called out from in front of the closed door. 

there was no answer. 

"Sir?" the guard inquired, opening the door to see Aaron breathing heavily. "you alright Sir?" 

Aaron's arms return to their human form and his breathing slows. "I am fine. bad dream is all." 

"ok sir." the guard then closes the door behind him. Aaron then sighed and proceeded to get ready for the day by putting his pants on when Sabra walked in. 

"Morning Honey. you sleep alright?" Sabra asked, the guard closing the door behind him. 

Aaron puts on his shirt. "ok, but I had a bad dream." Aaron kissed Sabra. 

"What was the dream about?" Sabra inquired as she put her gear on the ground near the dresser. 

Aaron puts his belt on and the gear for his blades on. "it was of my Parents. I saw them as I did when I was a kid. they were lying dead and a figure was standing there, claws extended like a drakos and covered in blood. I then saw his face briefly and it ended there. it was strange because I felt like I knew him from somewhere." Aaron spoke as he finished strapping his blade holders on his back.  

Sabra grabbed a change of clothes from her dresser and went into the bathroom to change. "Did you see your parent's murderer as he was getting away?" Sabra asked as she shut the door to the bathroom. 

"No, which is the problem. I only heard him because my parents wanted me to be quiet." Aaron explained as he attached his gun holster to his belt, checking that his gun had 9 bullets in it before putting it in the holster. 

" hmm strange. maybe you two share some sort of connection. would he possibly have the same powers as you? Controlling darkness?" Sabra asked as she walked out in her new clothes and reattached her knife belt back around her waist, placing her long knives in their holsters.  

"Possibly, but I don't see how. I remember my parents and Derrill telling me that we were the only 3 drakos who could control darkness." Aaron replied as he slid his blades into the holsters on his back. 

"well, I wouldn't let it bother you too much Hun. come on, let's get some breakfast. I am starving." Sabra said, smiling and kissing Aaron.  

"You're right. let's get some food." Aaron said, smiling back at his wife and had the guard open the door. 

as they were heading to the banquet hall, They run into Nya, who is hurrying down the corridor and drops some loose paperwork in her hands. 

"oh Sorry Mr and Mrs. Nightbringer. my apologies." Nya said as she bent down to pick up the papers. Aaron bent down to help her pick up the papers. 

"it's ok Nya. why are you in a hurry though?" Sabra asked. 

"Come by the lab on the 2nd floor later. I wanna show you both something. gotta run." Nya said and took off before either of them replied. 

As Aaron got his normal breakfast of Cereal and toast, Sabra got some eggs, bacon and potatoes. they both sat down at the leader's table, where Jake and Derrill were seated. 

"Mornin ya sleepy head." Jake said, eating a bite of ham and bacon. 

"you sleep well Son?" Derrill said as he ate some toast and oatmeal. 

"not so well....." Aaron then proceeded to tell them both about the dream. 

"Did you recognize the masked figure?" Derrill asked as he finished off his toast. 

"Not rea....." Aaron was saying as the doors to the hall swung open and a fire drakos shot a fireball at Aaron's table.  

"Get down!" Derrill cried, shooting a fireball to collide with it. they exploded in the air and all patrons in the room got under their tables, screaming. Derrill dragonified and was exchanging flames with this drakos. they exchanged a few punches to each other and some swipes at each other, one of them connecting with Derrill and slashing him across the back. Derrill recoiled and jumped back. 

"Who are you? I demand an answer!!" Derrill cried, extending his own claws.  

"I don't have to talk to a pathetic weakling like you!" the drakos cried as some sort of portal opened next to him and he pulled out some long knives. 

"He is not a complete fire drakos!" Aaron cried out mentally and pulled out his blades and rushed toward Derrill to try and block the knives. he however, was too late because the blades slashed across Derrill's leg and stomach. he cried out in pain as his wounds began to bleed. 

Aaron then parried the blades as they came at Derrill,  locking them inbetween his swords. 

"Well, well, well, look who we have here! how are your parents!?" the drakos laughed manaically. 

"Get out of that drakos now, you coward!" Aaron yelled, forcing the drakos across the room, pushing him into the wall. 

suddenly, the drakos against the wall passed out and a dark shadowy figure was standing next to him with two blades as well. 

"WHO ARE YOU!?" Aaron demanded, holding both his blades up in a attack stance. 

"Name's Shadow! not that it matters anyway, because very soon, this place and everyone in it will be destroyed!" Shadow laughed maniacally as a scout drakos came in, all frantic. 

"Leader Aaron! there is a force of at least 200 boulders coming this way!" the scout cried. however, before he could say anything else, he gasped as Shadow's blade sunk through his chest, going out his back. 

"No!!" Aaron cried, trying to slash at Shadow, but Shadow vanished into thin air. the scout gasped for air as Aaron helped him to the ground, dropping his blades on the ground.  

"I'm.......sssorry sir........... tell my mate and daughter...........i love them.........." the scout gasped out and then his body went limp. Aaron closed his eyes and got back up slowly, picking up his blades.  

"Jake?" Aaron called as Jake ran over. 

"Yeah?" Jake asked back. 

"Prepare the soldiers for battle! meet out in the front gate in 10 minutes!" Aaron commanded. 

"Of course." Jake replied, taking off towards the barracks. 

"Honey, I need you and Nuri to round up all the children and take them down to the basement and lock yourselves in there! you have food down there to last several months. do not come out until you hear silence or one of my command comes and gets you! also Help Derrill and the fire drakos down to the basement with you!" Aaron commanded. 

Sabra kissed him on the cheek. "Be careful Honey! Come back alive you hear me? " 

"Don't worry. I will." Aaron replied back, kissing her on the cheek as well.  

ten minutes later, Aaron runs to the gates to find several Earth drakos and Kiraga barring themselves against the door as he heard loud bangs from the outside. 

"Aaron they are trying to Break through the door!" Daire cried as they struggled to keep the large gates closed.  

"Daire, you and the earth drakos and Kiraga hold this position! do not let them through the door!" -Daire nodded and signaled two more earth drakos to stand up against the door- Jake, bring your 5 best shooters and follow me! I have an idea!" Aaron yelled, drawing his blades. 

"Right o. Dreke, you and yer team follow me now!" Jake said as they all nodded, carrying their sniper rifles and ammo belts full of ammo with them.  

"This way!!" Aaron commanded, running up a corridor on the right. they wound their way through several hallways and up 2 staircases to several open windows facing the gate. they peered outside to see at least 30 Boulders trying to break through the gate. 

"set up here!" Aaron commanded as the snipers nodded and set up their equipment in the 5 windows. 

"Use yer silencers kiddies! we want to take out as many as possible before they hear us!" Jake commanded as they all twisted silencers onto the end of their muzzles of their rifles.  

"I am leaving it in your hands Jake. once we clear the gate, make your way back there!" Aaron spoke. 

"Understood!" Jake replied as Aaron took off back down the corridor. 

As Aaron ran down the hall, a portal opened on his right and an ungues popped out and slashed at his head. Aaron rolled out of the way and drew his pistol, shooting the ungues in the head, killing it. the portal then vanished. 

"How did they find a way past our magic barrier?" Aaron said as he holstered his gun and kept running. 

Sabra and Nuri and Bella were on their way with a group of kids to the basement when all of a sudden a portal opened behind them and a lupum leaped from it and ran at them. Sabra dragonified her claws, slashing the lupum in the face. it backed off slightly.  

"you two get the kids downstairs now! I can handle this!" Sabra commanded, the kids crying and screaming. 

"be careful you hear me?" Nuri commanded. 

Sabra nodded as Nuri and Bella took the kids. 

The lupum growled and bared its fangs at Sabra. 

"Come here, you filthy creature!" Sabra cried running over the creature and landing on its back. 

the Lupum growled more and tried to shake Sabra off. 

Sabra's eyes glowed aqua blue. "Freeze, you piece of filth!" Sabra said, slamming her claws into the Lupum. the lupum howled in pain and began to slow down as its body began to freeze over until it was completely frozen. Sabra then drew her knives, stabbing the lupum as it shattered into a million pieces. the portal then closed. 

"How are they in the order?" Sabra thought as she sheathed her knives and took off down the stairs. 

Jake scoped out a boulder in his scope and pulled the trigger, the gun kicking a bit as the bullet hit its mark, the boulder dropping dead. however, the other boulders piled on top of their dead comrade, not caring he was dead and keeped trying to get through the door. several more of his squad fired shots, hitting their marks. however, for every one they killed, it seemed like 2-3 took its place. as Jake went to reload his rifle, a portal opened behind one of his squad members and the ungue inside impaled him before Jake could react. 

"Samuel!" the riflemen next to him cried out as Jake slashed the ungues arm clean off and the creature retreated through the portal. 

Jake left the severed arm in him to keep him from bleeding out, but he was bleeding heavily internally. 

"uh captain Jake!?" a riflemen cried out.  

"Yes Simmons!? what is it?" Jake spoke in a harsh tone. 

"They have spotted us sir. we have 3 heading this way!" Simmons replied, dropping his sniper rifle. 

"Wha!?" Jake replied, looking through a scope and seeing them coming at them while the others are still trying to get the door open. 

"you 4! Get him outta hea and down to the basement! I will hold them off! that's an order!"  Jake roared, dragonifying his hands and feet. 

3 snipers grab the riflemen by both arms and carry him while the others take guard around the rest of them. 

"you better stay alive Captain!" Simmons said, pulling out his pistol and loading it. 

"Just be safe! now get yer tushes movin now!" Jake replied as the boulders leaped and slammed on the wall outside, it collapsing inward and the boulders jumping in. the group took off down the hall out of sight. 

Jake growled at them as they surrounded him. "Come an get me ya filth!"  

one of the boulders swings at Jake, but he ducks and the fist takes out a stone pillar. Jake then leaps over the boulder and sinks his claws into its back, opening its back. the creature roared in pain and fell to the ground dead. 

Barak looked out the barred window and saw a storm brewing and thunder going off as he stabbed a ungue with his spear, killing it.  

"Daire, I have an idea! I need you to cover me! Follow me!" Barak took off down the hall. 

"Barak, get back here!!" Daire cried, chasing after Barak. he chased him for a minute or so and Barak leaped out the nearest window and dragonified his wings out of his back. 

"What are you doin....? -looks up and sees lightning and hears thunder- oh I see! good thinking!" Daire spoke as he leaped out himself and flying over to Barak 

"Young ones! what are you doing!?" Kiraga retorted in her spirit form. 

"Kiraga, can you go back and tell everyone to stand clear of the door and hold their ground in the foyer? I have an idea that can take out all the Boulders at once, but the door may burst apart because of it." 

"What are you gonna do?" Kiraga asked as she took out an unsuspecting boulder. 

"I am gonna use this thunderstorm against the Quetar! now please tell them! I don't want anyone dying because of me!" Barak cried, gathering electrical energy in his palms. 

Kiraga takes off into the wall and Barak raises his palms towards the storm. "Cover me Daire! I will need a minute or two!" Barak shot a lightning bolt into the storm and, soon enough, electrical energy from the storm shot down into Barak's body. Barak cries out as intense electrical energy surges through his body. 

 the ungues noticed this and rushed at Barak. Daire took out his hammer and smashed one away from Barak and grabs another by the head with his dragonified hand and throws it to the ground. the door was beginning to fracture  from the repeated blows from the boulders. Soon though, Barak cries out in a burst of electrical energy. when it cleared, Daire wasn't sure what he saw. it was Barak, but it doesn't seem like him. his body was covered in sapphire blue symbols and Blue electrical energy was surging in his palms. a boulder leaped at Daire, but Daire saw a very brief flash of blue energy and the boulder was dead on the ground, a hole through the chest of it.  

Barak began to steadily flying towards the door, and, with lightning fast speed, killed 3 ungues with his spear. he then threw his spear right in the middle of a group of boulders and shot a bolt of blue lightning at it, the lightning shooting out from the spear, killing all 10 boulders. a fuge tried to fly at Barak from behind, but he caught the fuge by the throat, stopping it from moving. the bird like quetar struggled to get free but couldn't. Barak then shot towards the ground with super quick speed, slamming the creature into the ground and his claws going through it in the process, killing it. a lightning bolt then shot down from the sky and Barak grabbed it, forming it into a large sword. before the quetar even knew what was going on, Barak was lightning quick shooting between them, slicing them up one by one.  

Daire watched in amazement as Barak was cutting them down one by one. Barak wrenched his spear from the ground at lightning quick speed to throw at a unknown black mass which turned out to be a stalker. the spear impaled it, killing it. the quetar began to lose too many to Barak's new strength, so they tried to make a hasty retreat, but Barak, using the wet ground as a conductor, sent out all the energy he could in a lightning strike on the ground. there was a giant blue flash and then the lightning fanned out, hitting the remaining ungues and boulders, shocking them to death. the last 50 quetar fell to the ground dead, their bodies sizzling. 

when the battle was over, you could see the damage the battle had done. the doors were so splintered that another well aimed hit would of shattered them. lots of the stone masonry was destroyed. dead Quetar corpses were everywhere. Barak's symbols disappeared on his body and he fell to the ground, completely exhausted and then passed out. the last thing he saw was Daire landing next to him and then his eyes shut.                                                                                                                     

End of Ch 9

Here's chapter 9 for those who have been patiently waiting. will have a moderate mature tag on for the battle scenes. appreciate any feedback you offer and hope you all like it.

all Characters are (C) to their specific owners. thanks for letting me use your awesome characters.
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Hey Everyone,

i wanted to make this journal to ask you a Question relating to the story i am writing: is there anyone out there who is still willing to offer feedback on the story I am currently writing? here is the outline to it and the 1st chapter if you are new to this. any feedback you can offer is appreciated.

Drakos: Outline

Drakos: Ch 1-Flashback

and for those who have been reading it, i am so grateful for your feedback and i deeply apologize for the wait...^^; kinda lost the motivation to write it for a little while. ^^; between school and work picking up, it disappeared..^^; i am working on trying to get out at least another chapter or two before the summer is over. ^^; i am a bit of a perfectionist on how i want to write it, so that is why it takes a lot of time in between chapters. ^^; please bear with me...^^;

Thanks for reading this. have a nice day or night. ^^

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Hello everyone,

i just wanted to apologize for the lack of replying to messages if you have sent them. the last week or two has been crazy with something going on every day of the week. i will get to your messages as soon as i am able.

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Hey Everyone,

i wanted to make this journal to ask you a Question relating to the story i am writing: is there anyone out there who is still willing to offer feedback on the story I am currently writing? here is the outline to it and the 1st chapter if you are new to this. any feedback you can offer is appreciated.

Drakos: Outline

Drakos: Ch 1-Flashback

and for those who have been reading it, i am so grateful for your feedback and i deeply apologize for the wait...^^; kinda lost the motivation to write it for a little while. ^^; between school and work picking up, it disappeared..^^; i am working on trying to get out at least another chapter or two before the summer is over. ^^; i am a bit of a perfectionist on how i want to write it, so that is why it takes a lot of time in between chapters. ^^; please bear with me...^^;

Thanks for reading this. have a nice day or night. ^^


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