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Drakos Ch 10 by dragonfreak1112
Drakos Ch 10


Here it is! Finally!!! :faint: This took forever to write!! :phew: I apologize greatly for the wait on those who have been wanting to read more! ^^;  between School and work, it was hard to get anything written at all and my concentration has been very spotty as of late....^^;

Anyways, here is Chapter 10! hope you enjoy it and comments, whether they be criticism or compliment, are always welcome. however, only constructive Criticism is allowed. Rude, demeaning comments such as "Your Writing Sucks! get a job!" or "You should kill yourself because you're a horrible writer!" will be flagged as spam and hidden! There is no need to be rude and you can show constructive criticism without it! Thank you! :)

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Aaron ran outside, past the splintered front gates, passing several dead drakos and other drakos lying over their Friend's bodies, tears falling down their faces as they closed the eyes of their comrades. Aaron looked around at the dead quetar littering the ground. 

"I will make you pay for all the lives you ruined today Shadow....." Aaron said silently to himself, clenching his fists and holding back tears. 

Sabra had come up from the underground to see what was going on since the ruckus ended an hour or so before. She spotted Aaron on his  knees, clenching his fists. "honey, what's wrong?" 

Aaron, punching the ground repeatedly and tears dripping from his eyes and then stood up and screamed at the top of his lungs: "Shadow will die for this!! You hear that Shadow!!? YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!!" Aaron bellowed at the top of his lungs, letting out a blood curtling roar before bringing his arms down to his sides, tears flowing from his eyes. Sabra said nothing, but just walked up behind him, wrapping her arms around her mate from behind as tears fell from her eyes. 

Daire walked around the entrance where the fractured great door was barely holding on its hinges from the repeated blows of the Quetar. He then began to pick up the larger shards of the door that blew off the door itself when Barak went super. As he placed them out of the way, he heard wails and screams echo across the order of drakos who found the corpses of their dead mates. He walked by a drakos female in the mess hall with her child who had lost her mate, the one who had been possessed by Shadow. No matter how much consoling others were giving her, she continued to wail and her child cried softly. Daire turned toward the entrance to see Aaron walking up to the drakos female and her child. 

"Ma am, I am so sorry.....i am so sorry I couldn't sa...." Before Aaron could finish, He fell to the ground on his side. He looked up to see the drakos female standing above him and everyone went silent or gasped for what just happened. Daire reached for his hammer, but Aaron stopped him as the drakos punched him repeatedly in the face.  

"THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT AARON! YOU SAID YOU WOULD KEEP HIM SAFE, BUT HE IS DEAD!" Aaron stood there as tears streamed from the drakos female's eyes and she kept on punching him for several minutes until her arms weakened and she collapsed to the ground on her knees, sobbing into her palms. 

Her child walked over to her and embraced her as Sabra gently helped them up and moved them out of the great hall as they placed a cover over her mate's corpse. 

Kiraga walked out of her untouched room over to Aaron, who was standing in the same spot as before. 

"Aaron, this was not your fault." Kiraga reassured. 

"Kiraga, why must we go through so much pain and suffering? Our race barely knows much about the humans, but here we are, taking their form and protecting them. We are outnumbered 200 to 1 and we are losing more of our lives to protect these humans who are destroying their world!" Aaron vented, punching the cinder block walls, his knuckles bleeding. 

"Aaron, you forget that I have been here the longest and seen what these humans are. They are destructive and kill each other, but they also possess kindness and love and I reached out to you and all drakos out there because they are like us all. We help protect because we are the guardians of this planet. We protect them because we don't want this to have to happen on any other worlds!!" Kiraga spoke with firmness in her voice. 

"What thanks do we get for protecting them!? We lose more lives everyday than these humans we are protecting!!!" Aaron screamed, grabbing a Sword rack and shoving it to the floor. 


"Calm yourself Aaron! -pins him to the wall lightly with her tail- What could you have done!? Shadow had already infiltrated and killed him before we even noticed! Quit blaming yourself for what happened and don't let the anger take hold. It brings nothing but more pain and suffering in its wake!!" Kiraga replied, releasing him from the wall just as there was a knock at the door. 

"Kiraga?" Someone called out from behind the door. 

"Yes, come in!" She replied as the door swung open slowly. 

The visitor peaks his head in to find Aaron with bloodied knuckles. 

"Sir, you have a visitor. However, she only speaks mandarin chinese. I believe she wants to speak to you." 

"Thank you. I will be out momentarily." Aaron replied as he took some cloth  to wrap around his knuckles.  

"Aaron.....-Aaron looks at Kiraga- you are always welcome to ask for my help ok? That is why I am here. I am and always will be, your trusted friend." Kiraga replied as Aaron replied with a quiet thank you and left out the door, closing it behind him. 

As Aaron closed the door behind him, he turned around to see the Chinese lady  waiting outside for him, helping free someone from a fallen wooden beam. Her dragonified arm was of a greyish, silver color. He immediately recognized her as one of the drakos from the Asian Division: Mei Feng. Top commander of the China sector, carrying twin katanas. Skilled in both weapons combat as well as Physical hand to hand combat, she was a force to be recognized throughout Asia. Her clothing was stained in blood from helping the wounded. He walked up to her as someone else grabbed the wounded Drakos and carried him off to the hospital wing. They began to talk to each other in Chinese. 

"Hello Mei Feng. It is good to see you." Aaron spoke, his chinese a little rusty, as he had not spoken it in some time.  

"Hello Aaron Nightbringer. It is good to see you. -sees his bloody knuckles- everything ok?"  

"oh yes, I am fine. Just got a little angry with a wall earlier. -rubs his knuckles- what brings you out here Mei?" Aaron asked.  

Mei Feng shifted and put her hand on a hilt as she was walking with Aaron. "1st off, what happened here? It looks like this place was sieged." 

Aaron's head lowered a little. "We were hit late last night. Well over 200 Quetar stormed us. We had over 50 casualties and could have had more if it wasn't for Barak." Just as he finished that sentence, Sabra came running up to hug him.  

"Oh Aaron!! I am so glad you are alright!!" Sabra said as she hugged Aaron but he recoiled slightly. "Are you alright?" 

"Yeah, just some bruised ribs." Aaron answered, rubbing his rib cage a little. 

"Who is this, Honey?" Sabra asked. 

"This is Mei Feng dear. She is the top commander of the China forces." Aaron answered as he translated what he said into chinese, introducing his mate to Mei Feng. 

"It is nice to meet you Mrs. Nightbringer." Mei Feng replied, giving a slight bow. 

"Hun, would you mind helping those that are wounded? Mei Feng wishes to speak with me and then I will come and find you ok?" Aaron spoke softly, kissing Sabra. 

"Ok. See you soon. Love you." Sabra replied, kissing him back and walking off towards the hospital wing. 

Aaron led Mei Feng to one of the 3 conference rooms still intact from the siege, although a dead boulder lay against one of the walls. He shut the door behind them and took a seat across from Mei. 

"So what was it that you wished to talk about?" Aaron asked politely. 

"I am afraid I have some grave news........My outpost 20 miles outside Beijing was raided last night as well. Stalkers, ungues, and fuge stormed us with a force of about 100. Our small force of 10 did not stand a chance....I was training the new recruits that I get from our homeworld every couple of months. However, they ambushed us during a training session. All of my team was slaughtered......I managed to kill 2 fuges to get enough time to take off fast, but the outpost was overrun in a matter of minutes....^^; I flew as fast as I could across the ocean to get here because I need your help." 

"What kind of help?" Aaron asked. 

Mei Feng sighed. "I hate to ask this of you at this time, but I need a few good soldiers who have reached the wing stage to come with me back to the outpost. All of the information about Shadow and the Quetar that we have collected and about us and how to find those of us hiding amongst the humans, is in a heavily fortified bunker supercomputer. If Shadow gets his hands on it, it will spell doom for all of us and not just Drakos kind, but human kind as we know it." 

"Don't you have forces in Shanghai that could help?" Aaron inquired, not letting his body language say Yay or nay to the plan. 

"Not enough to spare I am afraid. Good warriors are spread thin over the chinese countries as is and I couldn't ask them to leave because of all the attacks recently. -pulls out a map of china in her small pack- Portals have been opening up on almost a daily basis the last few weeks in many smaller regions of the countries. Most outlying villages have been wiped out and those that have survived are taking refuge in the major cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong." Mei Feng explained, pointing to the spots which have been wiped out. 

Aaron thought it over for a few minutes. "How many would you need?" 

Mei Feng thought it over for several seconds. " I figure I would need at least 5 or 6 good warriors. It would be a mission of stealth, going into the supercomputer, downloading the information we need onto a portable hard drive, destroy the supercomputer and it's contents and burn it to the ground." 

"I will assemble what warriors we have left and we will assemble in Training room 6 in the west wing in 1 hour. From there, I will have the leaders choose 10 of our best winged fighters and have them challenge you to a 1 minute spar. You can choose from those 10 that spar with you which ones will go with you. Will that work for you?" Aaron asked. 

"Yes, but I cannot stay any later than tomorrow morning. They will need to be ready by then." Mei Feng said firmly. 

"Guards!" Aaron called out as the doors swung open. 

"Yes, Sir?" The guards asked. 

"I need you to gather the leaders of each element. Have them meet me in my chambers in 10 minutes." Aaron spoke firmly. 

"Yes Sir." The guards replied as they closed the doors behind them. 

"Would you like to get set up in training room 6? I will be there after I speak with my guards and mate." Aaron said as he stood up. 

"Of course. See you there." Mei Feng replied as she stood up and walked out the door that Aaron had opened for her. 

When Aaron reached his chambers, he entered to find the leaders waiting for him, some of them still covered in blood. For the next 10-15 minutes, Aaron explained the situation to them and commanded that they bring the 10 best warriors in their element that could fly with them to training room 6 in 30 minutes. After they all left to get their warriors, Sabra walked into the room where Aaron was tending to his knuckles, changing out the bandages. 

"Hello Dear. -notices his bloody knuckles- What happened?" Sabra walked up to him, looking at his bandaged up knuckles and a little bit of blood bleeding through the cloth. 

"oh it's nothing. Just hit the wall in rage a little while ago." Aaron explained as Sabra reached for his hands. After Sabra took his hands, he could feel a slight cold coming from the skin around his knuckles for several seconds. Afterwards, his knuckles were numb. 

"Thanks honey." Aaron said, poking his now numb knuckles. 

"That will help them to heal without the constant tingling of pain." Sabra explained, kissing him. 

Aaron smiled, feeling a little happier. "What did you want to talk about honey?" 

"the kids are getting hungry. Do we have enough food in our reserves to feed them?" Sabra asked.  

"We should. I will have some guards escort you and help you bring it back for the kids." Aaron said as he motioned for his guards to come in. 

"Alright. -notices the tenseness around Aaron- are you ok my love?" Sabra asked, rubbing his shoulders. 

Aaron puts his palms on his mate's hands and turned around. "Yeah. I will be ok. I promise." 

Sabra smiled back and kissed him one more time. "Tonight, we will have some alone time ok? It has been a long night and day so far and I think we both need it." 

Aaron Smiled back. "I would like that."  

Sabra smiled back and walked out with the guards. 

When Aaron opened up the door to the training room, Mei Feng was getting ready to address everyone, explaining the rules and why they were there. 

Mei Feng talked through Aaron: "Ok, so here is how it is going to work: I want the leaders of each element to spar with their warriors for 1-2 minutes. Warriors are allowed to use whatever tactics they wish and the leaders will observe their warriors and choose the top 3 of their warriors using the criteria I mentioned to you before we started. The top 3 warriors of each element will then spar with me and then I will choose the top 5 or 6 to go with me back to China. My goal is to try and get one of each element, but I may choose more than one of a specific element. Don't be angry if I don't choose your element because I know exactly what I am looking for and it will not be because you're not a good warrior."  

One of the warriors spoke up. "What about the language? Not all of us know Mandarin Chinese." 

"Don't worry about that. My guards who will be accompanying us know both English and Chinese. If they happen to get killed, there are others who will be willing to translate." Mei Feng explained. 

Soon, they split off into their groups around the training room, where they all began to spar while Mei Feng observed. The wind Drakos were fast, but all but 2 of them were not quite skilled with their weapons and were not working together. The fire Drakos were all quite skilled with their weapons and were decently agile, but their element was out of control and they would burst into flames at random times. The Earth elements were strong, but slowed significantly because of their strength, the lightning elements were fast, skilled and worked well together. The ice elements were stealthy and used stealth and trickery to overpower their leader.  

By the end of the 2 minutes of sparring, the lightning and ice elements had overpowered their leaders, the Earth were about to finish off their leader and Fire and wind had not overpowered their leaders at all. 

"Alright Leaders. Choose 2-3 warriors to face off against Mei Feng and have them meet in the middle of the arena. She will face off against each element individually for 2 minutes. Come up with a plan beforehand, as the rules will be the same as before." Mei Feng explained through Aaron. 

After several minutes, 2 Wind warriors, 3 lightning warriors, 3 ice warriors, 2 earth warriors and 2 fire warriors stepped forward. 

"Earth element will be 1st. You have 2 minutes to come up with a plan of attack." Mei feng explained. 

After 2 minutes of talking, they stepped forward in their battle stance and faced Mei Feng. After the 2 minutes were up, they both were breathing heavily.  

"Man, she is fast!" One of the earth warriors muttered to himself. 

"Nice job. Step back and rest." Mei Feng motioned as she motioned for the fire to step forward after their deliberation on how to defeat her. The fire element had a harder time trying to catch Mei Feng.  

After all of the elements had a chance to face off against Mei Feng, she deliberated for a few minutes as she made her choices. She chose 2 lightning warriors, 1 wind, 1 ice warrior, 1 fire and 1 earth.  

"Thank you for coming everyone. You all did a wonderful job and are good warriors. For those whom I have chosen, You will be under my command for 1 year, helping clear the bunker and defending major cities. You will be able to call home once a week for up to 30 minutes. I will brief you in the morning of our mission before we leave. You will be provided with living quarters and food and clothing, so no need to pack any of those with you. You will get to train under my other commanders and learn how to fight our way. Meet me at the front gate and we will depart at sunrise tomorrow." Mei Feng explained. 

As everyone departed, Aaron came up to Mei Feng. 

"Would you like to join Sabra and I for a light lunch? It is only sandwiches, but we would be happy to have your company." Aaron inquired. 

"oh umm sure. I am a bit starved from not eating this morning. Thank you." Mei Feng politely replied back. 

"Ok. Meet us in my chambers down the hall at the end on the right in about 30 mins?" Aaron asked politely back. 

"ok. See you there." Aaron replied, smiling slightly and walking out the door.  

Mei Feng smiled as she sheathed her weapons and headed off to the quarters she was given to drop off her equipment. 

End of Ch 10

Hey Everyone,

So sorry i have been lazy with replying recently...^^; i promise i will get back to you....^^; just kinda crazy atm...^^;
Almost done with school work for the summer! :la: one more final exam tomorrow night! :D I can do this!


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