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Sad news for Star Trek Fans

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 27, 2015, 3:37 PM
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hey everyone,

Leonard Nimoy, the man who played Spock in most of the old star trek franchise and the movies, has died.....:( here is an article about him:…

thought i should let you know if you hadn't known already. :(

CSS by Icy-Marth
PM is almost up.....:)
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Drakos Ch 8 by dragonfreak1112
Drakos Ch 8

Ch 8 

-one month later- 

Aaron sat at his desk, which used to be the old leader's desk, doing paperwork and helping out those who came in to see him. from when he woke until he went to bed, he was giving advice, helping others and training the younger Drakos. the month passed by so fast that they did not realize Christmas was upon them until Jake rolled in with a tree and a stand for it. 

"Guard, help him please." Aaron commanded as the guard ran to hold the door open.  

"Thank ya, son." Jake spoke as he set the stand down in a corner of the room. Aaron had one of the guards help him place the tree in the stand. 

"Excited for Christmas, kiddo?" Jake said as he fluffed the branches of a fresh cut, 7ft tall blue spruce tree. the fresh scent filled Aaron's nostrils, bringing back good memories of Christmas times with Derrill and his parents. 

"I had forgotten it was so close." Aaron said as he commanded the guards to place the boxes of ornaments next to the tree.  

"Yeah.. me and my wife enjoyed these kindsuh trees." Jake replied, pouring water into the base of the holder. 

"Christmas was always my Favorite time of year.  the music......the Smells of Ham cooking, of fresh cookies being baked, the smell of the tree.......brings back many good memories..." Aaron said, staring at the tree. 

Jake begins to put the light on the tree, making them red and green lights.  

"Guards!" Aaron called. 

"Yes Sir?" they both spoke in Unison and stood next to him. 

"Contact all the leaders of the groups and tell them to meet in the meeting hall in 1 hour. I have an announcement for them." Aaron explained. 

"Yes Sir!" the guards replied back and left as Sabra walked in the room. 

"Hey Dear." Sabra said, walking over to Aaron. 

"Hey Dear." -kisses her on the lips- "whatcha doing here?" Aaron asked. 

"just came by to let you know that they need you in training room 3 in the east wing to train some others." Sabra explained, looking at the tree. 

"good day to ya, Mrs. Sabra." Jake said as he finished stringing the lights on the tree.  

"Thanks Jake. we will take it from here." Aaron said, smiling. 

"yer welcome kiddo." Jake replied, smiling back. 

"also want to thank you for something else." Aaron said, hugging Sabra around the waist. 

"What would that be, kiddo?" Jake replied. 

"For sticking by me for as long as I have been here. you have been there to help me when I need it and for that, I really am grateful." Aaron said with a softness in his voice. 

"don't mention it kiddo." Jake replied, placing his hand on Aaron's shoulder. 

"also, as a part of thanking you, I appoint you as one of my personal bodyguards. you start after the Christmas day celebrations." Aaron explained, smiling. 

" Really? well, thank you kiddo." Jake replied, walking out the door. 

-1 hour later- 

As Aaron walked in, the whole room was filled with everyone as they gathered to hear the announcement. as Aaron approached the front, everyone was silent as Aaron explained what was going on.  

"Thank you all for coming. as you all may have known, Christmas is heading our way rather quickly. with Christmases in the past, we have had so many attacks that we didn't ever have time to celebrate. Now though, since we haven' seen an attack in about 4 weeks, I am going to have several trees brought in to decorate for the holidays. we are also going to have a large banquet prepared and a talent show on Christmas eve to bring out the Christmas spirit and to turn our minds away from the death and destruction around us on a daily basis." 

Sabra then got up to speak. 

"I will be in charge of helping to prepare for the banquet and I will need at least 15-20 of you to come forward to provide a recipe that we can mass produce for all 500-1000 drakos here. I will provide the meat." Sabra explained. 

"Also, if you have a talent you would like to present, we will hold auditions tomorrow in Training room 3 from 10am-5pm. the best 20 auditions will perform in our talent show." Aaron said. 

"Thank you all for coming." Sabra said and told them they were good to leave.  

for the next 8 hours, the whole order was bustling with activity from left to right. one group was busy setting up several Large Christmas Trees throughout the building. Several drakos were running around with food ingredients from their rooms to the kitchen. Aaron walked around, helping set up the trees around the facility. he walked by the training room to see the audition log full already. just then, a young female drakos walked to him and tapped his leg.  

"Hello there young one." Aaron said, dropping to her  level 

the little girl giggled and happily bounced.  

"What's your name sweetie?" Aaron said, smiling. 

"mawy!" the little girl squeaked happily as her parents came running. 

"Mary. don't run off like that. I'm sorry she bothered you Aaron Sir." a male Drakos said. 

"Not any trouble at all." Aaron replied. 

"The name is Drake and this is my mate megan." the male drakos replied back, motioning towards his wife. 

"a pleasure Drake and Megan and no need to call me sir. just Aaron will do." Aaron smiled, shaking both their hands, Drake's hand changing into yellow scales and Megan's changing into fire red scales. 

"Mr Awwon!" Mary chirped, poking his leg. 

"yes sweetie?" Aaron said, smiling. 

"Thank ooo!" Mary said, kissing his cheek. 

Aaron smiled again, a small tear falling from his right eye. "you're welcome, sweetie." he patted her head and she giggled and they walked off. 

later that evening, as Aaron was welcoming some new Drakos into the order, Sabra walked into the room, all dressed in a ice blue shimmering dress. 

"Hey Honey. you look lovely. what's the occasion?" Aaron asked, a smile on his face. 

"do I need an ocassion to dress up for my mate? I was hoping we could dance for a little bit." Sabra spoke,  leaning over his desk and pulling him out of his chair. 

"Guard, can you please give us some privacy for 30 minutes?" Aaron asked, getting up from his chair.  

"Yes Sir. I will not let anyone in without your approval." the guard said, bowing to Aaron and then walks out the door, closing the door and locking it behind him. 

Sabra turns on the media player on Aaron’s desk and it turns on a melody of love songs. Sabra wraps her arms around Aaron and Aaron puts his hands on her waist as they sway to the hum of the music.  

“You feel so tense Honey….Relax….” Sabra spoke softly, swaying to the music. 

“I just….feel such pressure right now….to make sure everyone stays safe… make sure I live up to the leader before me….” Aaron sighed. 

“ Honey, you place big expectations on yourself. I know you want to protect everyone, but you won’t be able to comfort everytime someone gets a scratch. If we all work together, we can protect each other and help each other.” Sabra explained, leaning on Aaron’s shoulder and lying her head on his chest. 

Aaron rubbed her back and continued to sway to the music. “What would I do without you Hun?”  

you’d be lost. That’s what.” Sabra spoke as a chuckle came from her mouth.  

Aaron laughed softly and kissed Sabra. “Love you Sabra.”  

“I love you too Aaron Nightbringer.” Sabra replied, kissing him back. 

They continued to dance for several more minutes, enjoying the company of one another and leaving the cares of the world behind. After about 10 mins, the guard knocks on the door. 

“I’m sorry Sir, but there is someone from the Kitchen who wishes to speak to Sabra.” The guard spoke through the door. 

“Send them in.” Aaron replied as the door opened and a rather tall Drakos walked through the entrance. 

"Pardon the intrusion Mr and Mrs. Nightbringer, but we need some help right away." the drakos spoke rather quietly. 

"Thank you for coming. Go back and tell them I am on my way and will be there in about 5 minutes." Sabra replied. 

"Alright. Thank you Mrs. Sabra." the drakos bowed and left out the door. 

After helping Aaron with some desk decorating, Sabra heads off to the Kitchen and Aaron reopens the door. the rest of the night is filled with party and talent show planning and finishing setting up the trees. Aaron then takes therest of the time to himself to set up a manger scene in his room of the baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph and all the animal figurines. as he sets up this manger scene, it brings back a memory of when he was a little boy with his parents around Christmas time. he remembered how happy he was on Christmas morning, opening Gifts and eating cookies and drinking eggnog. however, what he remembered most was what his parents always told him around this time of year: to Remember Jesus and God in all we do and to spread cheer and happiness to those around him.  

he wiped a tear from his eye as a young looking dragoness knocked on the door. 

"Excuse me. I am sorry to be a bother, but I am having trouble finding my room. could you help me find room 317B?" the light blue dragoness asked, carrying a duffle bag. 

"Yeah. you will want to go back down the Hall, go up the stairs on your left and then go to the end of the hall on your right  when you get to the top. 

"oh ok. Thank you." the dragoness spoke softly. 

"what's your name Miss?" Aaron asked. 

"Mela." the young dragoness piped.  

"Nice to meet you and welcome Mela. I will have your training uniform sent to your room ok?" Aaron said, smiling at her happiness. 

"Thank you Sir." Mela replied. 

"Please just call me Aaron." Aaron spoke again, still smiling. 

"Ok Aaron. goodbye." Mela said as she walked out the door with her bag while another dragoness walked in. 

"Excuse me Aaron Sir?" the dragoness asked. 

"oh umm...." Aaron fumbled as he was trying to remember her face. 

"oh it's Bella. I am Barak's girlfriend." Bella spoke softly. 

"oh right. I remember you. how is Barak doing?" Aaron said smiling. 

"He is doing well. I actually came down to see if we had like a library in the order. wanted to read up on something." Bella asked. 

"yeah we do. it is 3 floors up. the entrance is at the top of the stairs. " Aaron explained.  

"Alright. Thank you.  Merry Christmas." Bella replied. 

"Same to you Miss." Aaron replied back. 

Bella smiled back and left, closing the door behind her. Aaron turned back to look at the manger scene and sat on his bed. 

Before he knew it, it was time for bed and his mate returned from the kitchen. 

"lunch is all ready for tomorrow." Sabra said, changing into her sleep clothes. 

"perfect." Aaron said as he lied down on the bed. 

"oh and Jake said they set up the rest of the trees." Sabra said as she climbed into Bed, cuddling closer to Aaron. 

Aaron sighed and smiled. "This will be good for us. all we have known for a while is just fighting and we need this." Aaron then wraps his arm around Sabra. 

"Yes we do.....-yawns- Good night Honey. love you...." Sabra yawned and then fell asleep 

Aaron turned off the lights and laid awake for several more minutes before falling asleep himself, falling asleep with his arms around Sabra. 

When Aaron woke the next morning, Sabra wasn't in bed and Derrill and Jake were there when he awoke. 

"Morning Sport. Merry Christmas!" Derrill exclaimed, holding out a gift. 

"Mornin Aaron! a merreh christmas!" Jake exclaimed, throwing a gift onto his lap.  

Aaron couldn't speak as he opened Jake's gift: brand new sheathes for his blades. they were made of a solid black leather with an unbreakable mesh netting sewn along the inside to protect the sheath and came  with solid straps to go around his chest. along the edge where the hilts connected to the sheathes was etched in gold was his parent's names.  

"Thank you Jake....i love them..." Aaron Smiled and spoke happily. 

"Yer Welcome Aaron!" Jake said happily. 

He then moved onto Derrill's gift, which was a considerable size smaller, like it held a medallion or something. Aaron opened it and saw a Gold medallion. it was the size of 2 quarters combined and had etched into it complete armor. there was also a small note below the medal. he unfolded it and read it: 

"Dearest Son, 

This is to be given to you when you have become a leader. your mom and I always knew how special of a young man you were. we are proud to have you as our son and wish the best for you. Love you so much. remember to be strong, like the armor. Love you. 

your parents, 

Mom and Dad 

Aaron could not hold back tears. "Thank you Uncle....." He hugged his uncle. 

"you're welcome Aaron. they would be so proud of the man you have become. My Brother, your father,  was so excited to be a dad that he would tell me every little update up to two days before you were born. he then always bragged about how much you meant to him and Ada. He is watching over us. " Derrill said, patting Aaron's shoulder.  

Aaron clutched the medal close to him as Derrill and Jake exited to let him finish getting ready. Aaron placed the medal in a special case in his room and got dressed, meeting them outside after he finished. they all headed down to celebrate the day's festivities. in the morning after a simple breakfast, they gathered all the kids to play some games together for an hour or two.  

once the kids had all finished, they prepped everything for lunch while the kids opened some surprise gifts from everyone. Aaron and Sabra smiled happily as the kids squealed with delight at their gifts, ranging from toy cars to clothing to handmade planes. the kids all played with their gifts until the grand feast lunch was prepared: 5 different kinds of ham, which were 20 pounds each, 100 lbs of Chicken cooked in 5 different ways from spicy to mild cajun flavors. over 200 pounds of mashed potatoes, ranging from creamy to chunky. over 100lbs of assorted vegetables ranging from carrots to corn to broccoli and peas and several others including varities of peppers. there was also lots of  fresh fruit like watermelon, bananas, strawberries and many others. For dessert, several large pudding vats were full, had several huge cakes and lots of baked Cookies.   Fresh bread lined the tables every 20 ft with butter. 

Everyone gathered in the mess hall where the food was set up and after saying a few words of grace, they all dug into the meal with gusto.  

"it has been soo long since I have had food like this...Tastes sooo good......" Barak exclaimed, digging into some spicy chicken, potatoes and Bread while Bella was eating some Chicken herself.  

Everyone soon emptied the tables of food and dessert, feeling full to the brim. as several stayed behind to help clean up the mess hall, Aaron had everyone use the afternoon for family or friend time.Spend some time with friends or family doing whatever activities they wanted to. the order was silent for most of the afternoon. the Talent show was at 7pm Sharp. As everyone gathered for the talent show,  the gym area was full of chatter and excitedness. 

The talent show turned out to be a success. There were magicians, comedians, singers and the like. everyone had a good time and 2 hours later, the talent show was over and everyone decided to retire to their beds. once everything was cleaned up, Aaron, Sabra, Jake, Derrill, Kiraga and about 10 others were the only ones awake. 

"That was awesome. Thank ya fer the celebration Aaron. brought back good memories." Jake said as he hugged everyone and went down the hall to his room. 

"Aaron, you are a wise young Drakos who will be a great leader. Your Father would be proud of you." Kiraga said as she said goodnight and went into her room. pretty soon, everyone has taken off and Aaron and Sabra return to their room and change to go to bed.  

"Today was a good day.....don't you think Hun?" Sabra asked, lying on the bed.  

"Yes.....Yes it was.....Merry christmas Sabra. Love you. " Aaron replied, kissing Sabra on the lips. 

"Love you too." Sabra said between muffled kisses and laughing.  

Aaron shut off the lights to their room and they fell asleep, under the watch of the guards and the moon shining. this was a celebration to remember.  

End of Ch 8 

There you have it! :la: Chapter 8!! :D sorry it took me a while....^^; School began again and got really busy,...^^; Hope you like it and i tried to do a bit of a different kind of chapter. let me know what you think and let me know if you would enjoy seeing more chapters like this. ^^ Critiques are also welcome, but please keep them respectable Constructive Critiques only please.

Kiraga (c) :iconenigmatic-ki:

Jake (c) :iconealaain:

Bella (c) :icondragon-island:

Cover picture (c) :iconneytirix:

all others (c) me

oh and if you know how to put the words in with the deviation without having to put them in the description, let me know. ^^ i thought i knew, but i don't....^^;



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Sad news for Star Trek Fans

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 27, 2015, 3:37 PM
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hey everyone,

Leonard Nimoy, the man who played Spock in most of the old star trek franchise and the movies, has died.....:( here is an article about him:…

thought i should let you know if you hadn't known already. :(

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PM is almost up.....:) 

4 deviants said so many thanks to :iconneffertity: for that. :hug:
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